Geo-Electrified (Cinema) by cheuk ming jao
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
There may not be a universal definition for aesthetics; but often times, there are certain rules in beauty. In films, for example, certain rules are often followed in order to produce magnificent outcomes. The rules include shooting angle, composition, colour and contrast etc., together, these made up the bible of stunning films. It is all about plots. From the visual plot on screen to the aesthetic plot in interior design, we thought of a significant concept to design this cinema: Geometry. Starting from the houses as an introduction of Geometry, we first established some rules and laws in the spaces we had. Since ‘points, lines and planes’ are the fundamental elements in Geometry, we used these to design the two types of houses: Standard House and IMAX House. The interiors of the two both have neat lines and shapes, made up by dots, from one point to another. Colours are highly contrasted, with sharp lines drawn in between to distinguish them. In the Standard House, titanium black and dark red are used, with mirrored lines and shapes on both sides of the wall. The ceiling is made up of squared tiles, in which the subtle appearance helped the shapes on walls to stand out. While in the IMAX House, cold blue and warm light brown colours are used. Extended rectangular shapes on both sides of the walls soared up to the ceiling, representing the visual and audio impact this IMAX experience is offering to its audience.
After establishing the fundamental rules of Geometry, we started to apply the concept to create geometric shapes. There are two main materials used in the lavatories: wood grain plastic laminated and black mirror. The two are highly contrasted in terms of colour and texture. By utilizing the contrast between them, we were able to draw lines and shapes we desired to display. Lights are hidden carefully and subtly in the ceiling, trying to shine in an exquisite way like a supporting actor. Because after all, the geometric shapes on the floor and walls are under the spotlight.
Design Challenges
There is no definite annotation in Geometry, and it can often be applied to many fields, including mathematics, physics, art, as well as architecture. Instead of following the rules, we decided to create our own rules. It is because that is the only way to create the most unique, comfortable and practical space.
Production Technology
Rules can be applied, assuring stunning results. But what is more important is to create our own rules! Under certain fundamental circumstances, we hoped to think out of the box and imagine beyond limitations. The beauty of Geometry is as unlimited as our imagination. Imagination fully emerged at the lobby, as irregular shapes are used for the walls, columns, ceiling, and ticketing counter. White and bronze colours travelled through the whole lobby to form sharp lines. Under the right amount of lights, different surfaces of the 3-dimensional shapes are in different shades of white, enhanced by its shadows on the sides. The edge of the digital screen is merged into lines on walls, in sync with the irregular shapes, introducing this new set of rules.
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