Thinkpad T & X Series (Laptop Computers) by Will Baker
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
These series attempt to incorporate the latest technology and function while retaining the traditional ThinkPad DNA of being simple and reliable.
The ThinkPad T and X Series laptops have been redesigned to give professionals the sleek, yet durable business machine the modern workforce is demanding. The MIL spec machines are enhanced with traditional rich stroke (1.8mm) keyboards that are spill proof. A higher level of security is provided by blocking the user-facing camera with a physical closure mechanism. These series reflect the latest technology while retaining ThinkPad DNA of being simple and reliable.
Design Challenges
With the competive laptop market becoming ever more challenging with thinner body profiles, applying the standard ThinkPad dock connector on the bottom on the units was not feasible. The application of a unified side dock connector was the solution, however it created a new challenge with the physical attachment to the dock. New mechanisms and components had to be designed and engineered as well as thorough user experience studies applied. Adding a physical camera shutter was also challenging in that space is very limited. It had to be ultra thin, but the shutter sliding mechanisms cannot be moved by accident or obstructive for the user in any way.
Production Technology
ThinkPad T and X Series use high quality carbon fiber and magnesium alloy to achieve thinness while retaining the strength and durability required to be a ThinkPad. For RF connectivity, Magnesium alloy and glass fiber reinforces plastic to create an invisible “window.” Utilization of die-cast and CNC technology minimizes gaps, reducing the overall device size. The result is the perfect balance of portability and solid construction for the compact business laptop.
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