Porsche Campaign (Photography) by Florian W. Mueller
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Winner
The aim was to create pictures that work for themselves. There schould be no CGI, which is commos these days in automobile advertising. Four cars in extraordinary colors: Lava Orange, Viper Green, Riviera Blue and Ultra Violet, had to be put into the right and fitting scenery. That was the task and I solved it.
I was asked to create the pictures for the "Life Intensified" campaign for Porsche Asia Pacific. It was a whole package: I created the stories behind, looked out for the best locations for 4 colorful Porsche Macan S and gathered a perfect team: My assistant and a filmmaker to produce four intense makinf of videos. We had company for three days of a film crew from Hong Kong, from the magazine Hypebeast. They produced another film about my work and my approach to the task.
Design Challenges
The hardest part was that we had to shoot in a real and living city. Not in a studio. And we could not block streets or areas. That was sometimes difficult: Where we had a lot of spyce during the daytime while scouting, there were hundreds of scooters parked during the night we wanted to shoot. So we waited and moved the last scooters by hand.
Production Technology
Digital photography with a Phase One XF and an IQ3 100MB back. No additional lights, no CGI. Post prodcuction with Capture One and by the post production company npixo GmbH. The four films went straight viral through all social media channels and gathered a lot publicity all over the world, from Asia, Europe and The USA. We were a very small team of at least 10 people, but the core were four guys: The creative director, my assistant photographer a filmmaker and me.
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