Being (Lamp) by Cecilia Pozzi
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
The inspiration came looking strains of a fir-tree that has been cut. The aim was to be able to retrieve these strains. From here the idea to create a design object. Giving importance to the recovery of the material, as reuse of wood.
The strain is made to clip through from the bottom upwards, taking 100 mm of thickness at the top. After are practiced cuts along the circumference of the strain, at random, of different dimensions so as to always have different effects of light. The strain may have different dimensions depending on how it is cut.
Design Challenges
The most difficult challenge has been that of positioning of the light source. The easiest way is to create a bridge to the inside of the hole of the strain, in addition to being the base for the light source, will also be a support for the strain.
Production Technology
The type of wood used for the realization of this lamp is very important because if the wood is hard will be much more difficult to drill holes and cuts along the circumference. The choice of the strain is also important to maintain the natural veining of wood. The strain can also be processed according to the customer request. You can obtain an effect more smooth or more natural depending on customer preference. The lamp can be used for both indoor and outdoor, depending on the type of processing.
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