Beijing Jinmao Residence (Flat Villa) by Tina Sheng
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
This flat villa is rightly located at the continuously extended central axis during the process of urbanization. The customer, at the very beginning of designing the architecture, has made a further decomposition and cognition on how to develop effectively. In the customer's opinion, the ultimate destination for urbanization aims at catering to our high expectation of ideal life and potential possibilities of expansion.
In order to highlight the concept of residence in this project, the architect farsightedly applied freestanding villa-accessing method to it. The facades consist mainly of beige marble and steel frame, sculpturally creating a forceful and strong atmosphere. Unique eave was added as well, playing homage to the classical architecture of us.
Design Challenges
Just tuned in light shades of stone and warm-toned wood veneer, the public spaces including saloon and side lobby simplified its interior decoration and take on the original texture and palette of the stone. A sense of warmth brought out by wood materiality appears strongly in the same time and people standing in the room is able to stay away freely from the urban noise and mess.
Production Technology
The atmosphere in the master bedroom was created in an art method, as a technique, abstracting in the formation and raised a feeling of unaffected and elegant volumes. The featuring bedhead and side tables take over the aesthetics from China's traditional furniture. Expanded view of the window perfectly invites the outside nature into it.
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