Euroart Hall (Office Building) by Bo Lee
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The inspiration comes from Chinese traditional theater art - face change. Face is the use of a special character in China Sichuan opera art, is a romantic way to reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters. The invisible, unsensed and abstract emotional and psychological state of a visible and sensible image - face mask.
Through different scene presentation, new and old dialogues, in a diversified form, this design brings a comfortable and high - end experience. Let visitors feel the true meaning of the king. In a cloth art office space, designers make the two space presents a different and a combination of posture, with different expression of the use of cloth to build the stage, making this space presents a variety of patterns.
Design Challenges
Considering that the exhibition hall often conducts communication activities and business negotiations, the atrium has made a compound space, and the door of the reception area can be moved and opened, which achieves privacy and openness. The stairs leading to the two floor make the compound upper and lower space become an integral whole. Different hue division represents the needs of different atmospheres, so that the space is properly fused together.
Production Technology
From the door into the white sense of modernity, and the left hand side of the cloth cloth layer by layer frame, furniture on a patchwork lattice, for different sizes of cloth to provide shelter. The saturated color has a superb collection of beautiful things, the corridor around formed a strong impact, and the middle of the corridor of the dusky light suddenly let people ease down, in this atmosphere, with creative ideas, whether the meeting can play the most incisive and touch, so that you become the main angle in the stage.
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