Pile Array (Product Display) by Joe Chan
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The integration of pile array art and martial arts into sculptures is inspired by the capture and expression of the dynamic images of the traditional Chinese quincuncial piles. Quincuncial piles are most suitable for more than two persons to practice. The picture that people encircle together is like plum flower now stretching, now shrinking, which is indefinite while interesting. Except five types fixed, there is no certain type. Namely, the act is natural, changing, but without chaos.
On the eve of the Guangzhou Design Week in 2017, the designer received the sincere invitation from the quartz stone manufacturer LUMINA to let him design their booth. The client proposed the requirements "seeking new forms, breaking old rules" at the beginning of the discussion, which gives designers more freedom as well as stands for greater difficulty and more challenges. Having seen the stones in the factory, the designer came up with an idea that he could make a sculpture with them. Actually, the designer has worked on sculpture, ceramic and decorative arts before. The designer maintains that it is so exciting that he could have the opportunity to do sculptures after more than twenty years.
Design Challenges
Few people take stone or steel structures to do the booth. It is a big challenge for the host has only provided three days to array the booth. Due to the huge sculpture size, stones with a thickness of 12mm are specially made to reduce the overall weight, and the conventional thickness is 20mm. When the bracket assembly, the contact point and the force point must be meticulously calculated. And unless three plunging synchronously work together can the structure be assembled! Then each column weighs 500kg that needs 20 individuals to move. Eleven columns are finally been finished in due time with the joint efforts of all the onsite staff.
Production Technology
The main body of the sculpture is made of steel frame. Each column is 50cm * 50cm wide and the length is ranging from 500cm-900cm. All surfaces of the steel frame are sealed with flame-retardant plywood except for the place where the joint is required. After completion, the weight of each column reaches more than 500kg. And with 3-5 of these cylinders in a group, comes a state of mutual dependence whose maximum vertical height attained 700cm. When comes to the second assembly, every cylinder adjusted the angle, then welded at the connection of the columns, blocked the flame plywood, finally affixed to the stone polished so that it does not reveal a trace of the internal structure.
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