Tag (Switch) by Liquan Li
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Nowadays, in most of the larger areas of the workplace or home environment, such as The library, the gymnasium, the museum, the concert hall, living room and so on, we often use plenty of switches controlling the lightings. However, due to the numbers of switch control increased, users may get confused on those different non-clearly defined switch devices. Normally, in order to solve this, the traditional way is to attach different stickers on top of the switches to help users identify respective lightings, but this method is in-aesthetic and sticker also easily fall off.
the most innovative point of this switch design is to enable our users clearly identify each light is controlled by which different witches. Based on the traditional switch design standard, we figure out a small slot above the switch, which can place light label. The installation is simple and practical, we just need to insert the different printed label into the different slots. There is a small hole in the notch of the label plate, users can use smaller tools to eject the label paper.
Design Challenges
The most challenging part in designing this product is the comprehensive pre-design survey, which covers a wide range, involves plenty of human resources and which of course, quite time-consuming. This research we can say had extended the ranges of present wall-switch markets, including six parts, product segmentation, channel distribution, product pricing, user interview, product installation and after-sales maintenance.
Production Technology
This product is based on modular design, and fully observed the rule of design for environment.The product is made up of fire-proof ABS plastic and manufactured by injection moulding,improvement only involves upgrading in structural design, not the internal electronic technology.So this product doesn’t need to invest high cost of intelligent technology. The engineers only need to design a small flute. With very good cost of development and easy way of maintenance.
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