Black Labyrinth (Chest of Drawers) by Eckhard Beger
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
Black Labyrinths outline is inspired by the clean lines of the Bauhaus styles while the outline of the drawers is inspired by Asian medical cabinets. The geometric appearance of the bright marquetry on a black veneer background adds aesthetic tension to the creation. Its layout is based on three foci from which rays depart.
Black Labyrinth is a vertical chest of drawers with 15 drawers. Its dark architectural appearance is contrasted by the light marquetry rays with three focal points as their origin. The intriguing conception and mechanism of the vertical drawers with their rotating compartments complements the piece's understated outline. The wood structure is covered with black dyed ebony veneer while the marquetry is made in flamed maple. The veneer is oiled to achieve a satinated appearance.
Design Challenges
The main aesthetic design challenge was the layout of the bright marquetry lines. Looking at Black Labyrinth from the front perspective, rays depart from three foci to cover the face. By mirroring the layout on the other faces the width of marquetry lines can be kept constant. thereby simplifying the manufacturing process. From a functional design perspective, the installation of the extension mechanisms for the the vertical drawers was a particular challenge as the objective was to make the as little visible as possible. By using brush seals the mechanisms could be made as little visible as possible.
Production Technology
Black Labyrinths structure is made from multilayer wood covered with black dyed ebony veneer. The marquetry rays are made from flamed maple. Traditional art craftsmanship skills are required for the marquetry work as well as modern numeric wood working technologies. The hidden installation of the full extension mechanism constitutes a particular challenge. Brush seals are utilised to hide the mechanisms from the spectators eye.
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