Hip (Office Chair) by LU GE
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
In future workspaces, spaces and furniture must adapt to new technologies and new uses that the user uses in daily work. Based on this premise we have created a chair that allows the user to adapt to each task that is faced in everyday life. We have based ourselves on the behaviour of people's hips to create a chair that adapts to every use that the user needs at every moment of daily life. Through the adaptive system seat, backrest and hip are synchronized to the movement of the user.
HipChair redefines office work according to movement. This chair that has top quality features , and it has been created to favour both intensive work at separate desks - Focus Work- and also more dynamic, adaptable work where there is freedom of movement and flexibility -Dynamic Work-. Its design makes any type of task easier and it consolidates ergonomics because the body can move freely. Being simple and sophisticated, HipChair has all the features of a high-end office chair
Design Challenges
The main challenge in designing the hip chair was to synchronize the seat and backrest in one system. This synchronized movement of seat and backrest through the user's hip should be as natural as possible. Such synchronization has helped to improve the user experience in the working environment.
Production Technology
The structural parts are made with aluminum injection and injection plastic. (polypropylene, aluminum) The parts that have contact to the user are made in injection plastic and foam ( polypropylene and foam) The seat and the backseat are made in foam and upholstered with technical textile.
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