Crystal Bay (Villas) by Kelly lin
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The designers hope to make a breakthrough in sense of security endowed by conventional conceptions and traditional standards. The project is targeted on creating a dream place by integrating humanitarian spirit with modern thinking and on achieving a model space exceeding customary experience.
In the project, the designer has been able to break the definition of luxury as is defined by most people by applying modern design languages. Some unvarnished materials such as old wood, rough linen and batik generate extraordinary charm in her design. Some of them appear to be solemn and sincere, others are pretty and bright. By integrating with modern characters and traditional sentiments, spaces that are full of traditional ambience but meanwhile show carefree and easy feelings are created.
Design Challenges
Influenced by the anxious market, most people are lost in turmoil and chaos of their heart. But it actually needs more attention to achieve a better design. Designers are those who portray the ideal world and aim to create a happy society. If the design can not improve the aesthetic level of the users, and indulges in mediocre quality only, the touching work and spiritual residence would not be produced.
Production Technology
Glass sliding doors are provided for easy access from various directions while bringing the green landscape in the courtyard into eyes. The coarse fabric of the carpet is well matched with the bright red color which shows primitive beauty as is the earth. The wall on one side is designed like a doorway. Made of cement in dark color, the wall appears unvarnished and calm, displaying the innocent nature and imposing air of the space.
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