Wada Sports (Flagship Store) by Tetsuya Matsumoto
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Wada Sports has acquired a large collection of valuable rackets. The collection includes wooden vintage pieces, rackets used by famous players, and some other rackets rescued from the great Tohoku earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. Wada wanted to dedicate part of the shop to exhibit these rackets. The space becomes a museum. In fact, it becomes a sort of a modern Noah's Ark for rackets. This metaphor inspired the elliptical form inside the shop and the sunshades outside the building.
The racket submarine is the new flagship store for Wada sports, a retailer specialized in racket sports goods. This design turns the elliptical metallic structure of the building into a gigantic fixture. Below the elliptical structure the racket products are aligned in an original fixture designed to maximize the efficiency. It makes it very easy to pick up each racket by the customers. The upper part of the ellipse is used as a racket museum displaying rare and valuable pieces.
Design Challenges
Using actual samples from various sizes of tennis and badminton rackets, the research run through different display alternatives. The best display pattern turned out to be arranging the rackets perpendicular to the customers so that a maximum number can be displayed yet can be easily taken in hand. The next step was to find the best angles and dimension of the shelves so that racket design can be seen and be used by different client physiognomies.
Production Technology
The building structure was constructed using a metallic frame on which metallic panels covers the exterior walls and wood panels for the inside. The panels were covered in different wall papers. The upper part of the ellipse is linked by steel pipes on which hooks for displaying the rackets can be attached. Bellow that, the racket display is a wooden made furniture that includes metallic pipe stands to keep the rackets vertical.
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