The Duplicated Edge (Office) by Tetsuya Matsumoto
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Modern sciences seek to be more creative, more exact, and more playful. The duplicated edge offers this playfulness using the reflection on the ceiling and back wall. The height change of the tables step becoming a seating space itself contributes to this lively atmosphere. The sharpness of the counter and the panel surrounding it gives an idea about the contemporary methods used by the school.
Matsuo Gakuin preparatory school needed a new office space for its reception and meeting rooms. The available room on the same floor of the mixed-use building where the class rooms are located is narrow and the ceiling is very low. This design proposes a sharp triangular and multifunctional reception desk that also divides the room into functional spaces without use of walls. The ceiling and the back wall are covered in mirrors and reflective panels to visually extend the space.
Design Challenges
The Duplicated Edge Design offers an alternative use of the space; instead of a traditional reception desk facing the entrance, the reception was made in a sharp-edged triangle pointing to the gate and suggesting two subdivisions of the room. The background wall is covered in mirrors extending the view to wider dimensions. The same logic was used to resolve the problem of the low ceiling. Instead of the mirrors, sandwiched reflective aluminum panels were used for safety reasons.
Production Technology
The production of this space mostly followed conventional materials used in Japanese interiors. The walls were made using LGS structures, covered in wood panels and finished in vinyl cloth. The backwall is covered in clear mirror, instead, the ceiling is covered in reflective aluminum panels for security purposes.
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