Wanda Xifeng (Bridge) by Ke Wang
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The concept of Xifeng Bridge is the spread-open wings of a phoenix, which is an auspicious bird and a symbol of peace and harmony. The ancients believed that phoenix would fly over if the world is in peace and prosperity. The oracle of "Feng" is like the oracle of wind, meaning the omnipresent and spiritual power of wind. "Huang" is pronounced like the "Emperor" in Chinese, meaning the supreme power.
In the choice of colors, red and wood have been combined in the Xifeng Bridge. Red symbolizes energy, vitality, willpower, fire and power, while wood symbolizes calm and warm, giving an intimate feeling to people of returning to nature. The combination of polyline shape and red and wood material creates a simple, clean, comfortable and stylish space atmosphere.
Design Challenges
A variety of deformation planting bed has been provided as seat benches for people to have a rest, and group greening on the two sides of the steps create a more soft and natural space.
Production Technology
As for the paving design, simple yet stylish dark gray and light gray granite are blended together with dynamic lines, creating an active space that echoes with the theme of the bridge,and creating a stylish waterfront plaza.
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