Untitled Design (Club) by Yongcai Huang
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
X indicates unprediction, which is full of possibilities. X indicates refusal, which refuses any unimaginative vapidity. It's interesting to stay away from the ground. X club wants to be imaginative, emotional and demand driven, such as trying to create a cloud walk and experience. The concept of walking in air reverie does throughout the whole space. While people walks in X club. They can feel the vivid theme and definite experience.
While entering X-CLUB, "GRG" white cloud emerges and full-fill one-side space. Every cloud cluster designed with decorated-light overhead is to establish a starry-sky scene.One side of the center-pipe is all-covered by a LED screen. And dizzy-color on cloud cluster constantly change following what the subject LED screen plays. The middle part of quiet-bar area is constracted of acrylic.Surround the sky-ceiling, there are LED screens in many sizes and shapes.
Design Challenges
The most difficult part of this design was to convince the owner to change concept and realize irregular space modelings. This is not the same idea as the conventional bar and the owner has been through a wavering period on business operations. Irregular shapes made the construction difficulty and cost increase.
Production Technology
"GRG"material. Led screen. Acrylic.
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