Zhao Hua Xi Shi (Living Museum) by PAUL BO PENG
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Inspiration was taken from traditional Chinese art and design culture. Given the historic backdrop of the Great Wall, our design was inspired by the layout of a Chinese style Courtyard House which typically contains a series of rooms built around an open central garden. The design also embraces the scenic nature of the Great Wall and maximizes the visitor’s ability to enjoy the view and natural surroundings.
The project is a luxury resort located at the foot of the Great Wall of China. The design is unique in its location and function. The resort incorporates art exhibition, catering, leisure and office spaces. It is extremely rare to have a resort of this style located in such a famous and historically significant site. The cultural significance of the site is reflected in the architectural design of the wellness resort. The design captures traditional Chinese culture but with a sophisticated modern twist
Design Challenges
The most challenging aspect of this project was the construction. We were under time and cost pressure from the client, therefore certain modifications were made the design to fit these requriements. For example, we used a container for the main body of the structure because it was easy to construct and cost effective.
Production Technology
We used locally sourced materials, both new and recycled, including local timber for facade cladding, local river reeds for the outdoor celling, recycled timber sleepers for the path, and local pebbles and stones for the feature walls. The material choice not only reduced the cost, but also added to the story and character of the building. We chose a steel structure that can be prefabricated off-site then assembled on-site. This process reduced the construction time and the main building structure was completed before winter. The interior fit-out was then carried out in a reasonable indoor working temperature during the winter time.
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