Corporativo Tlalpan (Corporate Building) by Gerardo Broissin
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
There was an extraordinary line of trees just in the middle of the plot wich clearly we do not want it to remove. Instead of do that we start to trace the main axis of the new structure just between the boundaries of the plot and those trees. In adittion these trees inspired the idea to not put a huge underground parking, in consequence we rise 4 stores of the parking lot above the ground providing better air quality, natural light and ventilation. Besides a light base for the office building.
The building transcends in the context as an elegant vanguard volume, with firm character and kind bearing. Due to the structure's height, the glazed volume contains positions for 1,143 people on two floors of 6,000 m2 each, a surface that required a strong solution to obtain natural lighting near each user. We then decided to have four inner courtyards, which in addition to mitigating the light problem well, also physically ordering and sectioning each department of the program.
Design Challenges
First of all to fit 1500 cars without impact the context negatively. The importance of natural light with in the office environment is fundamental for the best user performance.With in a square floor, given for the plot boundaries, of 70 per 70 mt was a must to provide uniform natural light for all, the ones near the windows were done, but the ones in the middle?. We experimented on a vast range of scenarios , in almost all of them the function was not optimum either for the use itself or the light continuity. Four parallelepiped subtractions inclined towards the south, resolve both satisfactorily creating inner open plazas.
Production Technology
Steel, Reinforced Concrete and glass
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