Novociti Life (Public Transportation Vehicle) by Anadolu Isuzu Design Team
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Winner
The design takes its inspiration from its users. As the vehicle aims to serve extensively in urban areas such as historical & touristic districts and narrow streets, it will be in closer contact with its users. In order to strengthen this link, a softer, friendlier face is designed. While keeping the vehicle as small as possible, interior space meets the requirements of operators with its durable and spacious design.
With Novociti Life a low-floor urban public transportation solution is offered at the lowest possible cost. The vehicle is 8 m in order to adapt both long distances and narrow streets of short distances that enables it to be small-sized, lightweight while reducing consumption and increasing maneuverability. Wide standing area, easy access to the engine area, specially designed driver cabin and handicapped area for disabled passengers are some of the features vehicle offers to its users.
Design Challenges
The challenge in the creation process of the project was to create a smaller, lighter, cheaper and more comfortable bus in comparison with its competitors.
Production Technology
Although mainly conventional methods are used in the production process of Novociti Life, it is engineered to be lighter than its competitors. The vehicle’s chassis and main structural elements are made out of steel and aluminium. Structure supports outer shell which is sheet metal, fiber reinforced polymer and tempered glass according to its placement and form. Inner surfaces has varying materials and production methods, which are various polymers and composites.
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