Taki (Residence) by Hikohito Konishi
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
This building was named Taki (waterfall) inspired from the landscape design where water drawn from the nearby creek flows into the entrance approach.
The clients requested us to design a building that blends into nature. Living space is located 7 meters above the garage level, accessible from the entrance through the underground stairs. The building is composed of a concrete wall structure primarily in consideration for the expected heavy snow load, but the structure also perfectly serves as large frames through which magnificent natural views are seen like works of art.
Design Challenges
In terms of thermal environment planning, the large windows, although they are specified as high-performance, are less effective than the thermal performance of the walls. The important thing is to achieve thermal balance in the living environment, and we successfully counterbalanced the thermal loss with the heat stored in the concrete structure to stabilize the interior environment. Considering the location of the house on the steep slope, the entrance and garage were located on the ground level (basement first floor). Because this part was inserted into the ground, it was necessary to evaluate earth pressure of the mountain behind the house and also a load of the earth above it and made a structural plan on a civil engineering level. Because the above-ground level (first floor) is in contact with the steep slope, we also planned measures against snow avalanches. Considering all impacts of these environmental factors on the inside and outside of the building, we determined that concrete is the most appropriate material in this case.
Production Technology
Reinforced Concrete
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