Cafe Amoy (All Day Dining) by Ryoichi Niwata
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The inspiration was the natural resources of Xiamen including mountains, oceans, waves, rocks, caves, temples, streets, gardens, greens, flowers and trees. The city is blessed with beautiful ocean island scenery and wonderful subtropical climate, and even with gorgeous historical culture. In the same fashion, this restaurant does not just end with a seaside open terrace space but also a contemporary way to the space. Each of the charms of the unique elements of the Xiamen make a synergy to each other and expressing them in an art sculptural way as the restaurant concept.
Mainly shown at the ceiling on the photo, the main factors of this space is the white floating boxes that consisted with bulges covering the whole areas from the ceiling to the walls. They represent ocean waves of the site, Xiamen. They are also abstract scenes of nature that can be found as waves, caves, rocks and mountains depending on the viewers. Also, by consisting the entire space with them, we aimed to create a space for the people experiencing sculptures as art installation type restaurant, and this became one and only you can see and feel them only at Xiamen in the world.
Design Challenges
We wanted to develop the idea more and avoid using of unique motives at Xiamen directly, rather expressing abstractly in geometric form by digitally processing them, while maintaining the theme of ocean waves. On top of that, we put them three-dimensionally with convexo-concave as if those are three-dimensional contemporary sculptures of ocean waves looking. The Xiamen has various great natural sources and the own history comparing to the main land China, so our biggest challenge was to transform the pure elements into this restaurant.
Production Technology
To emphasize architectural aspects of the design like white cubes, the materials are narrowed down and chosen really carefully. These are one wood material (white oak), 2 kinds of stones (brown and white), and white paint. The material composition is really simplified due to more high-light the white floating box strongly. In addition green fabrics and flower patterns of fabrics are used for furniture and these express nature of Xiamen as casual image as café for all day dining. Also the various planters at the restaurant help there as fresh image contrasts to the white floating boxes.
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