Tokyo Metropolis (Architectural Illustrations) by Alexander Daxböck
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The Manga, composed of the two kanji (man) meaning "whimsical or impromptu" and (ga) meaning "pictures, is a local japanese manifestation (even inspired and derived from western media culture) of a globalized mediascape for the mass circulation of images primarily via printed media like comic books, magazines and newspapers but also now via new media like internet, video games and mobile phones - fun and entertaining to read, rooted in the daily life of millions of japanese people.
This is an attempt and research to use the common graphical and visual language of a manga/comic as representation and communication tool for architectural designs. Looking for a different way to promote and present architectural l content besides known rendering and visualization techniques.
Design Challenges
Actually I spent an endless amount of time on one image. Because at the same time it was a trial and error principle, I was following, never done such a type/style of drawings with this 'architectural undertone'. During drawing one image I had ideas already for another one and started next to it with the other image, so they were mostly drawn next to each other...also one process that extended the completion because one day one images was more into my focus than the other ones.
Production Technology
The images were only created on a digital level with the help of common illustration tools or programs. There was no 3d-model involved where I could extract lines or silhouettes from and no rendering engine or filter to generate a manga like look. Even using already digital tools, I implemented hand drawing methods e.g did I want to create darker areas or shadows, I was drawing lines above lines or put one pattern, one hatch above the other. So quite similar to hand drawings, when you want to create darker areas you keep on drawing on the same spot over and over or change direction of the strokes.
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