Archi Folds (Multifunctional Textile) by Samira Boon
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Winner
Archi Folds are inspired by the potential of Japanese origami techniques in architecture as a solution for flexible spatial usage. Paper folding translated into digital weaving process leads to this new structural textile. Archi Folds dynamically alter their shape facilitating new situations, spatial circulation, efficient energy usage and acoustic ambience ultimately well. They enable buildings to remain functional for longer and fulfill their potential when owners and functions change.
Archi Folds pioneer on the market of dimensional textiles as a smart material able to form itself due to its complex inner structure. Inner tensions preprogrammed and weaved within the material turn it into fabric muscles or alive origami. Space enhanced by Archi Folds is temporal as it morphs redefining itself in resonance to human and environmental factors. These influences lead to a constant metamorphosis and make material and space feel alive establishing emotional connection with the user.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was to develop the parameters for the digitally programmed weaving technique. An added difficulty was recreating contrasting features any folding structure requires: soft folds versus hard surfaces. The technique is mimicked in textile structures by applying varying tension to the fold lines in the textiles. Up scaling for architectural applications required many structural optimizations. We also altered material composition to meet flame retardant standards.
Production Technology
The uniquely developed computational weaving process results into authentic materialization and innovative origami structures. They fold themselves following the tension lines of the interwoven pattern. Within the series we alter composition of the material to create a wide range of possibilities with the textile and fulfill site-specific requirements such as: transparency, stiffness/softness, reflection, light fastness, weight, acoustic, heat-sensitive.
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