The Twist and Shout (Private Residential) by revano satria
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
An idea is highly contagious; plant the smallest seed of one and it can grow and multiply into reality. I have always been fascinated with the idea of combining the purest and most elementary architectural knowledge with an unorthodox approach to design. The idea of exploring the transition between these two realms excites me tremendously. The house was designed with this particular mindset; A single and specific design approach that unites various psychological elements allowing us to dream of realities that were once nothing but a simple idea.
The geometric exploration of the home's morphology aimed to maximize the site's potential, a series of calculated geometric and sculpture like interventions on the facade exploits the tension between conflicting elements. In contracts to the internal areas, which are designed to have greater fluidity in transition between the spaces in both the horizontal as well as the vertical This house takes a completely Avant Garde, progressive and unique approach to lifting the urban fabric of Semarang at a local scale to compete with other urban tissues at an international level.
Design Challenges
The client's requirements and requisite were very specific and detailed; the primary difficulty was to address the client's request to live in a home that is visually stunning and unique, yet simultaneously maintain the conventional cultural requirements of a 'Semarangian' home. The other challenge arose from the complicated yet very specific flow of activities required within the entire project; where the house serves as a base for the client's profession without hindering in the slightest the day to day residential activities of the home's occupants. hindering in the slightest the day to day residential activities of the home's occupants.
Production Technology
One significant features that defines the design of the project is the application of a parametric-based system for the primary facade of the structure. The approach was driven through a detailed solar analysis on the structure, with great attentiveness given to the eastern and western facades. The distribution of the facade's openings were heavily contingent on view axes, occupant height, and the uniform distribution of natural light. The project itself is realized after a long study and construction phases that took more than 4 years to complete.
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