Kharadi Effin Gut (Brewery) by Ketan Jawdekar
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
Germany is known for its engineering and car manufacturing. Also it is known for finest craft beers. Pune has most of the German companies like Mercedes and Volks Wagon manufacturing units around city. City of Pune is also known for the craft beer of Effingut. Designers wanted to emphasis on a relationship between automobile manufacturing hub of Pune and the craft beer of Effingut. Theme of automobile engine parts thus evolved. It portrays passion of youth that is car and craft beer.
Designers need to experiment with unique concepts in restaurant designs that can attract clientele and can stay fresh and appealing with the future trends in design. Unconventional use of materials is one such way to keep patrons engaged with interior decor. Effingut is an established brand in Brewery that believes in this thought. Unconventional use of Engine parts for the interior decor is the uniqueness of this restaurant. It conveys the strong relation between passions of youth.
Design Challenges
The feature wall was huge and was supposed to have composition of car engine parts. These car parts would load the structure and hence needed to cut into slices. Sourcing so many parts was another challenge. All the engine parts were sourced from scrap market of automobile from Delhi. The engines were cut with the help of high pressure water jet cutters and transported on site. Erecting and welding the parts on site was toughest job. Sourcing around 3500 used spark plugs was another challenge.
Production Technology
Designers have given it heritage look with false wooden trusses on ceiling. There is an al fresco seating area adjoining the entrance that is quite a perfect place to enjoy your drink that the weather is congenial. The four faces of the air-conditioned area have a different decor. There is a huge feature wall of engine parts cut and assembled together to form an interesting composition. This serves as a backdrop to entire place when there is a live act and a large screen to watch sporting action.
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