Peep (Modular Screen) by GUORONG LUO
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
Got inspirations from two Chinese culture elements: landscape painting and oil-paper umbrella, I focused on how to combine these two elements. Then, I extracted the outline of the landscape into some smooth curves as the main modeling language. The relationship between clouds and mountains creates positive and negative space, making the design more hierarchical. It also inspired by the design of Chinese garden that people can see different scenes while moving to different angles.
Peep Screen is a modular and adjustable free-standing furniture designed for people who enjoy Chinese culture to partition interior space and create private space. Users can build their unique screens and adjust them at any time. By overlaying translucent materials, it conveys the emphasis of Oriental cultures on implicit beauty in a faintly discernible way. Its simple design technique reinterprets the aesthetic relationship between the East and the West, the tradition and the modernity.
Design Challenges
The hardest part was to integrate three Chinese unique culture: Peep, landscape painting and oil-paper umbrella into my screen design. One of them was an illusory concept, one of them has a physical display and the last one was a traditional Chinese object. The challenge was to get the most comfortable relationship of scale and positive and negative space based on its complex cultural background and how to make it easier for consumers to read and understand the culture behind it.
Production Technology
Production technology: metal bending technics and CNC machining. Materials: The round frames were made of metals(powder coated, copper or chrome) and the screen's surfaces were made of translucent plastics which represents mountains and traditional Chinese Xuan papers which represents clouds.
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