Nowa (Staplers) by Future Factory
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Award Winner
The core design DNA of the product was to elevate it to the status of a lifestyle product, from being a purely functional office stationery. A key focus of the design phase was to produce a consistent form and visual language over all the size variants in the family.
Kangaro Nowa is a range of staplers designed for the European market. They come in three different sizes to suit different usage requirements, and in multiple colours, making them in line with contemporary design trends. The iconic design maintains its visual coherence across sizes and materials. Close attention to design details gives this range a high quality aesthetic for the global audience. The staplers also offer optimized ergonomics for different styles of usage.
Design Challenges
Staplers have traditionally followed an industrial aesthetic, with little design effort visible. The challenge was to upgrade this functional aesthetic to something more appealing and in tune with the times. Further, this range was meant for the European audience, necessitating a good understanding of design sensibilities prevalent in the region. The design also factored in the challenges of designing for different materials – metal and plastic, without compromising on the family look.
Production Technology
Nowa staplers are available in two different materials to fit the users' choice. The handle and the base are manufactured in ABS plastic as well as sheet metal. The seamless form and consistent look achieved using both materials, are a result of close attention to design details. Nowa staplers are designed for structural rigidity, ensuring a long life. All plastic parts are moulded in a single material (ABS), making the products recycle friendly.
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