Magician (Smart Desk) by Guangzhou Seedland Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 37 Degree Smart Home
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Research shows that alternating sit-stand work can improve occupational disease caused by long-term sitting, such as cervical pain, lumbar pain and so on. Different working conditions require different lights. With Magician, you can easily adjust multiple heights, ready to change your work posture, improving your work efficiency.
Magician is a smart desk with new features that can make the appropriate height adjustment based on changes of people's work posture and state. The height adjustment of Magician is completely controlled by gestures. Magician equipped with smart lamp system provides appropriate lighting for different working conditions. The desktop control module uses infrared to sense the user's sitting posture, preventing the user from suffering from body aches due to poor sitting posture.
Design Challenges
Accurate gesture control system, as well as high-precision sitting position sensing.
Production Technology
Application of infrared ranging sensing technology to achieve sitting position sensing. The application of infrared gesture recognition technology to achieve precise gesture control. 3d engraving process is applied to make the desk more suitable for supporting the arm.
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