Puls (Office Design) by Evolution Design
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Puls seems themselves as a family living together in a small village: a tightly connected community where everyone knows each other, every team member has their own home, but there are also common areas for everyone to get together. The workplace design reflects this culture and focuses on connecting different departments to foster better teamwork and more direct communication: research and development, engineering and manufacturing teams are now closely connected with sales and marketing.
Puls is a German high tech engineering company, which invests significant resources in research and development. The company considers their employees to be key to its ongoing success. Therefore, the HR department commissioned a new staff-centered workplace design to move the company culture away from islands of lonely workers towards a networked community. The design of the new workplace creates the optimal environment for this cultural change.
Design Challenges
One of the main aims of the project was to increase communication and collaboration: unfortunately the existing building had only very unattractive fire escape staircase connecting the two floors. It took a lot of special structural and fire safety engineering as well as a lot of persuasion to get the building owner to agree to our new open internal staircase. Without it the project aims would have not been achievable.
Production Technology
Important part of the design was graphic concept for the walls. Based on the electrical components and the products that Puls produces, Evolution Design developed individual and unique graphic for each space. A special graphic was made for the Trust wall, which is built of individual words of what trust means to each employee. Additionally, an artist was commissioned to create one wall with a comic story of the past events of the company and great stories that everybody remembers.
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