Shenzhen Longhua Archive Complex (Archive Library, Exhibition and Office) by Frankie Lui
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Frankie Lui states that the inspiration for Shenzhen Longhua Archive Complex Archive Library, Exhibition and Office came suddenly.
The 130,000 m2 archive complex, located in Shenzhen Longhua District will sit immediately next to the Millennium Plaza and river banks park. The project is conceived as a porous and inter-connected urban cluster sensitively built in response to the local fabric and natural resources. The complex will house a 600 seat conference venue, exhibitions, events spaces and a dedicated children’s education center, that will all open up and connected with a loop of public and cultural promenade.
Design Challenges
The land is divided into two narrow parcels, with the amount of built area, the challenge is to break away from the vertical tower typology and maximize the horizontal connectivity to engage public participation. The south main archive building steps down from the city side to create sky terraces towards the riverbank park without blocking the north exhibition building. A sunken plaza is setback from the river to create a public space within the complex. A multi-levels public promenade is introduced to link with diverse public programs as a loop and integrate with entrances from all sides.
Production Technology
The archive complex comprises various programs that require different degrees of daylight, ventilation, and humidity control measures. For example, black boxes exhibition space require no daylight while atrium and office do. Archive storage is sensitive to humidity and daylight, thus opening is limited and shading is required. Hence, we proposed a metal veil skin strategy composed of fine extrusion of aluminum fins to unify the entire complex. During the daytime, the complex is rather pure and monolithic, while during nighttime, lights are diffused through the metal veil to give a different impression.
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