Changde Youart Centre (Exhibition Space) by Frankie Lui
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The proximity of the site to Yuen River inspires the facade design, porous faceted metal skin reflects light to shimmer and brings different character of natural light into the interior,resembling indigenous ceramic tiles assembly method & resonate with glittering ripples on water surfaces of the nearby Yuen River.
The Project is a 4-Storey new cultural venue for contemporary art exhibition, and aesthetic education. Our vision of future cultural venue not just to showcase art works, but to inspire public, and encourage artistic interactions. The design at the first glance is a simple cube. Inside the envelope, a few more boxes of various sizes house different functions, creates a series of interesting negative space used as open plan for theatre/exhibition and sky gardens.
Design Challenges
The project is relatively small in scale to fit such a diverse and interactive programmes, but we arrived at an interesting solution during the design process, which is to expand the space for circulation, so that they are big enough to accommodate other open plan functions. Space and Light is a fundamental element in our design, and the control of natural light is a crucial strategy to achieve the spatial effect. The skylight at main atrium brings in soft daylight, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting and the fact that it is north facing also balanced the need for air-conditioning.
Production Technology
actual sample were made to carry out tests on site to determine the size of each angular module on the faceted metal skin, to achieve the desired scale and reflection angle. research on channel glass were done to test module member size and installation method. The project used 2 layers of channel glass and around 450mm air depth for back-lit lighting to achieve an even distribution on facade lighting, since the height exceed the max length of channel glass provision, careful dimensioning effort was put to incorporate material joints.
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