Kap House (Residential Home) by ONG&ONG
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Possessing a keen eye for design, the owner gave architects free reign to create a contemporary bespoke home. Blending modern tropical architecture with green design techniques, KAP is perfectly suited to the surrounding environment. Emphasis was also placed on capturing the splendour of the neighbouring green corridor, as architects adopted Shakkei, a Japanese design philosophy predicated on capturing natural green and garden views that backdrop the built environment.
KAP is tucked away behind wild tropical grassland that grows from the bones of a newly preserved green corridor. What remains of the old Malayan Railway lines, conceals a well-heeled residential enclave just behind. KAP sits on what was once the sprawling garden of an old Colonial Black & White House. The house features a modernist design, providing an appropriate counterpoint to the classic home that sits alongside - exemplifying modern tropical architecture at its finest.
Design Challenges
Architects strove to leave the lightest environmental footprint possible. To reduce the home's reliance on mechanical cooling in the harsh tropical climate a number of tropical design elements were employed. Designing and incorporating these different elements proved a challenge that architects worked hard to overcome, where aesthetic and functional considerations had to be given equal consideration. This includes the zircon wood façade that veils the upper floors, cocooning private spaces and bedrooms from heat and sun. Along with an intricate system of folding glass doors that shields shared spaces on the lower floors, creating a climatic permutation and harmonisation of indoor and outdoor spaces.
Production Technology
Material selection was vital to the project's underlying concept. Volumetric elements within KAP are subtly differentiated through the material that predominates each section. From the champagne limestone façade at the entrance, to the white plaster and glass that frames the main living area, and even the fair-faced concrete that lines upper volume, each material utilised helps create a seamless transition between volume and spaces.
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