Two Forever (Jewellery) by Karin Castens
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
Wedding sets are a well-known concept in the US, where the big diamond engagement ring is paired with a smaller wedding ring, which fits up against the latter. A smart solution in order to have more space for rings on the other fingers. However, the wedding ring tends to turn autonomously around the finger even though it has often been designed to follow the specific shape of the engagement ring - to much irritation of the wearer.
Wedding set with two interlinked rings, keeping each other in place. The comfortable solitaire “Hiding Heart” reveals its namesake design detail when seen from the side. The curved “Hooked on You” wedding band is slipped up and over the setting of the solitaire and therefore the two rings do not, like on most other wedding sets, move autonomously.
Design Challenges
Making two rings fit perfectly togetter, in order to appear as one ring, while still being durable and comfortable took a lot of testing, adjusting and redesigning. Having the oppertunity to 3D print models instead of having to build the ring in metal, over and over for every little adjustment, helped immensly in the design process. However old fashioned work at the jewellers bench was still paramount in order for finising the rings.
Production Technology
Countless sketches by hand, 3D drawing and test prints went before the first prototypes were cast and set. In spite of the 3D technique being very precise, adjustments by hand at the jewelers bench were still necessary before the rings were deemed good enough as a prototype for mould making. We have designed the Hiding Heart rings with 3 different dimensions of settings and the Hooked on you both as a simple, rounded version as well as prepared for gems being set in a row. Intended materials: gold & diamonds.
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