2017 Collection Day (Playing Cards) by Alexander Chin
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
2017 Playing Card Collection Day is a newly created holiday celebrating the art of playing cards and those who collect them worldwide. In an effort to create more community and awareness for the holiday a set of limited edition decks were released featuring innovative new packaging designs and unusual print methods that created a much talked about user experience.
These limited edition decks focus on changing the market views of playing cards from toys to fine art. They epitomize the craft of card design featuring an innovative new box design dubbed the Pluck Tuck, gold printed with intaglio plates onto pearlescent stock. The exterior friction sleeve allows the user to easily pluck the top or bottom half to reveal the cards inside.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge was to figure out a way to produce the boxes with minimal press runs. The solution was a cleverly designed single engraving plate for both the top and bottom box halves. Whichever flap was exposed would dictate which half it would be. Interior panel flaps were created to increase package structure and allowed for interior printed designs without needing a secondary plate. Multiple colors were utilized to give variety while still keeping it within the same print run.
Production Technology
A focus on elevating the market perceptions about playing cards was emphasized using the luxury materials of pearlescent stock and gold intaglio printing. The package focuses on duality with an exterior/interior and top/bottom relationship with itself. The exterior sleeves feature the quatrefoil design in fine outline while the inner box highlights large gold fills to show where the user should pull to open the box. Each box boasts the craftsmanship of hand assembly and individual numbering.
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