Frederik (Beer Bottle Series) by TAMER BAHADIR OZTURK
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
After getting the brief from Tuborg, our design team inspired from several elements. One of them is Tuborg logo. Some of the main parts as crown or the general geometric shape was used. Also, the potential user profiles were studied around adjectives like elegant, graceful, gentle. Moreover, art of Leanordo da Vinci was inspired. The fun part of beer festivals and traditional elements were not forgotten as well. We have tought around the phrase: "change the way you see"
Frederik is a special collection for Tuborg's first Brewmaster. As a result of Tuborg's special brief, Sisecam Design Team delicately worked on the research process to create an innovative designed bottle for beer market. After a detailed design project that lasts about 1,5 year, Frederik Beer Bottle was born. The key point of the design is its rounded edged rectangular section both at neck and main body of the bottle which is a new perspective for pressured beverages.
Design Challenges
During the project phase, we tried to abstract an innovative way of design to combine with Tuborg's such special product. The main challenge is creating a non-round shaped bottle design for a pressured product, yet we handle the whole project process wisely to change the way we see.
Production Technology
Just after this special design created, the vertical load, impact and inner pressure tests applied and approved on 3d data with Ansys Analyzing Program. After Tuborg preapproved design, we focused on the embossment detail. Through 3 presentations within 3 months, among 14 different details around one year, Tuborg evaluated the project and agreed on the present design. The trials and production process continued afterwards for about half a year more with blow and blow glass production technology.
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