"knitted"-Lighting Collection (Unique and Original Lighting Collection) by Ariel Zuckerman
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
The organic forms and repeated patterns in microorganism at nature was the inspiration of the fabric pattern , the whole look and shape that comes out from fractals was the goal.
A series of lightings that combines technology with tradition. Knitting acrylic threads in fixed patterns with wool crochet, creates a three-dimensional sheet of fabric which serves as a lighting fixture. The project was born from a collaboration between the designers Ariel Zuckerman and Oded Sapir . The process of developing the fabric, with the aid of textile designer Adva Bruner, led to the combination of an industrial knitted fabric with a handmade crochet detail. Fitting the fabric onto a rigid skeletal structure creates a light fixture with an organic feel and a rich colourfulness.
Design Challenges
The challenge in the "Knitted" collection develop was to create a 3D patterned fabric that will look organic , and yet will be functional in matter of assembly , function and act as a light shade
Production Technology
The fabric is knitted in an automatic machine that form the 3 dimensional grid, to a sleeve like shape, then the finish detail is made in a handmade crochet knitting, The polyethylene ball can come in 3 basic sizes 30/40/50 cm diameter
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