The Pallet (Restaurant and Micro Brewery) by Ketan Jawdekar
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The client wanted this establishment to open doors for the cosmopolitan patrons of Bangalore to experience World Cuisine. Creating an experience through fusion of sustainable and Natural Materials with straight lines in contemporary design was the key result area while going to the drawing board. Bangalore is known as Silicon Valley of India but very few know that it is a southern hub for wooden pallet manufacturing. Thought of recycling wooden pallets for the world cuisine palate thus evolved
Hospitality design is a highly challenging area where the interiors need to stay fresh and appealing with the future trends in design. Pallet is a microbrewery that was designed with this thought. Unconventional use of wooden pallets for the interior decor is the uniqueness of this restaurant. It portrays the design philosophy of repetition of a module to generate patterns and textures. Although materials used are in raw state it gives international look and attracts even expats from the city
Design Challenges
The place is huge and linear in shape. Positions of existing services of building imposed on having Kitchen on one side thus making the space narrower and feel long. Different sections were needed to break the linear feel of the space yet not compromising on quality of space. Modules of Wooden pallets were designed in certain pattern along the column grid and the exterior wall to give feel of privacy without compromising on visual continuity. Repetition of modules was the key factor in design.
Production Technology
Recycled wooden packing pallets are the highlight of the design. Various sections that are created via partitions and wall treatments is achieved by play of number of pallets acting as a module. The pallets act as a wrapping element to otherwise raw structure. Grey tone of raw concrete finish on walls and floor complement the raw wood on vertical planes and ceilings. True ceiling is painted black to give sense of infinity and the services are wrapped around by wooden pallets.
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