Fun House (Children's Play House) by Tienyu Wu
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
This is a special design in a traditional and old three-floor house designed to provide children to play and learn. This area is lack of playing places, the nearest park also needs to walk for nearly 20 minutes before arriving, and the street full of fast and huge cars. Due to there are no places near the house where children can run freely and parents can rest assured, they decided to buy the neighbor house to rebuild for their children. Prepare a fun house for children to grow and learn with natural and healthy materials.
A house to keep children's interests and cultivate creativity, searching their imagination in the play spaces. This is a 40 years-old house building. The client bought it and found us to transform it, making a fun center to grow up with his children. This project's concept was HOME, designed with natural materials ,soft colors and lots of parent-child interactive spaces. We recreated a new wood stair, two small houses and two slides, making numbers of small paradises for children to learn.
Design Challenges
How to make a strong wood stair was our first challenge, and we met a protection problem to use natural materials. In the end, We found Greenkey De-formaldehyde Coating and traditional techniques to make the house.
Production Technology
Thuja plicata wood, Tempered glass, gray mirror, Nordic pine wood, "green-key"
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