Wetown (City For 40000 People) by Vicky Chan
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Urban Planning and Urban Design Award Winner
Wetown is a collective idea from people around the World. Inspired by nature, people and technology, we are setting a benchmark for North American Cities.
WeTown provides a sustainable city for 40000 residents in Canada.Reducing our reliance on automobiles, the project provides an infinitive loop to connect 36 buildings of apartments, offices, and retails. The 8 minute journey from home to work will be filled with farmers market, greenery, activities and excitement. Different active and passive strategies are also used in the buildings and master plan to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Design Challenges
Getting water, drainage and traffic to work for 40000 people is the biggest challenge. We worked with traffic engineers and mechanical engineer to come up with solutions for road expansion, car sharing programs, water reduction programs, rainwater collection and grey water recycling.
Production Technology
Pre-fabricated modules with local materials will be used to build up all the towers. It helps to speed the construction and avoid construction impact to the existing community. Local woods will be used for the main market area to lower carbon footprint of this project while keeping the local heritage to the farm culture.
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