Morato (Packaging Identity) by Stefano Giuseppe Dell'Orto
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
We imagined the ‘typical’ experience of a foreign tourist who is travelling in Italy for pleasure or business. Around this idea, we created a picture of a traveller in a restaurant or trattoria. As they are making notes on the things that have amazed them the most about our beautiful country, they are savouring some typical dishes, accompanied with the brand’s delicious products. The project has been made to create a brand identity specifically for the international market that could convey the company values, while also appealing to the ideas and visual imagery that people in other countries conjure in their minds when they think of Italian gastronomy. An imagery made of colours, flavours and textures, but most of all flavour.
the design have the objective to evoke in one moment the pleasure of a real Italian experience. We got the objective if looking at it can, even for a while, make people feel the enjoyable pleasure of a travel into the Italian beauty.
Design Challenges
We had to remain into the Italian design system while, in the same time we had to create a completely new one made for the abroad markets while maintaining a family feeling between the two.
Production Technology
Carton box for bread sticks printed with 8 colours Flow pack bag for Dadò printed with 8 colours
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