City of Pearl (Commercial, Hospitality, Residential) by hpa (Ho & Partners Architects)
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Urban Planning and Urban Design Award Winner
City of Pearl, the iconic Smart city of the future, signifies hope and increased social mobility for many generations to come. The 8 islands originate from the shape of the shells, within which boast eight pearls stretched across Manila Bay, illuminated by an unparalleled sunset of wonder, redefining Pearl of the Orient. To accentuate such a vision, ribbons of form flow through each island merging with landscape and water into functions for generations of Filippinos.
The City of Pearl harmonizes with its surrounding through the allocation of Community Oriented Facilities and program to instil a sense of place among its visitors and residents. Along the coast and across golf course lies a waterway which will be streaming with water taxi, an alternate form of moving between areas, enjoying the seaview and greeneries. Here, visitors can experience luxurious lifestyles that Manila has to offer.
Design Challenges
hpa (Ho & Partners Architects) did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning City of Pearl Commercial, Hospitality, Residential.
Production Technology
City of Pearl is designed to become the first Smart city in Southeast Asia, with artificial intelligence integrated into the Smart grid, providing real time optimal efficiency. Furthermore, it is centered around sustainable design - using renewable energy like solar and tidal power to ensure effective energy production and consumption. In terms, of facilities, COP is an international community with commercial, residential, convention, healthcare, tourism, education and sports hubs.
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