Gyukaku Festivalwalk (Restaurant) by Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Japanese restaurant is popular in Hong Kong. To outstanding the restaurant among them, a unique and innovated design should be implemented. The valuable Japanese culture cannot be ignored but at the same time, a new vision of the future should be applied to impress the diners. Thus, the innovated interior design bring them to have a time travel experience.
An innovative design idea to bring customer eye wide opened to an usual Japanese restaurant. Fully adopts Surrealisme in interior design to enrich the dining experience. The extensive use of wood, and in particular the organically sculptural forms of the tables, chairs and ceiling elements in contrast to the linear wall cladding, endow the interior with a unique character.
Design Challenges
Short headroom is the disadvantages of the shop, however, the striking ceiling elements, which are particularly successful, endow the interior with a distinctive identity by virtue of their polygonal patterns that abstractly represent the restaurant specialty. The waving rooftop made by aluminum creates a future city.
Production Technology
Diner hearts vibrated to surreal scene, and curiosity leads them to the restaurant to further discover the new design style of Japanese restaurant that escalated interior design to a higher level that beyond imagination. Traditional elements of Japanese restaurant retains with modern presentation. This treatment leads illusion of time and matches the concept “Found in Time”.
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