Avrupa Konutlari Yamanevler (Sales Office) by Arkiteam Architecture
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Sales office architectural form and geometrical approach in the general architectural form of the project have been reflected on the baselines of the indoor design. By taking all functions into consideration in the design in the place, a triangular geometry and smooth theme have been created. Use of this theme in different sizes and different materials have determined the main design criteria of the sales office.
An overall integrity has been provided in the whole office through the reflection of a single geometric motion on the whole space and with sections partitioned in itself. With triangular forms used from the entry, it has been intended to direct the visitors, create the functions on the spatial platform and form the main decorative element of the sales office. A single discourse has been created by reusing this main motion and geometry in different materials in different areas in the place.
Design Challenges
Through triangular motions placed along the whole area, it has been intended to sign all functions and create an integrity effect throughout the place. We have aimed at strengthening this effect by repeating with different materials. All details have been analyzed regarding a place which visitors are not accustomed and design elements which we have intended to make them feel warm and different. It has been designed so that each detail reflects the design story and has a unique discourse.
Production Technology
Plasterboard lining, meshes and lacquer panels which have been dyed with a special paint with mink colored and lacquer effect have been used throughout the project. For flooring, light-colored ceramics and carper have been preferred. The place dividers and doors have been solved by glass separators with metalwork. Wallpapers with mink shades have been used in the whole place. Stainless lightings have been used in the place and the lightings have been made clear among general design elements.
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