Yosegi (Multifunctional Stool) by Yoshiaki Ito
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The Yosegi Stool, inspired by a traditional Japanese Shinto Kumiki puzzle, is designed with the Yosegi technique, the art of creating beautiful patterns with inlaid wood, and the Tsugite technique, wood joints with geometric shapes.
A furniture puzzled piece right in your home. The combined or nested stool seats one and is a space saver; it interlocks for easy storage and provides a unique twist to the traditional home stool. When separated, it provides a companion seat, footrest, footstool or a perfectly symmetrical twin to admire. Have fun stacking, mixing and matching to any décor, but more importantly, let it give you the rest you need after you’ve unpuzzled it.
Design Challenges
The idea behind the Yosegi Stool is for two identical stools to become perfectly one. Choosing proper lightweight but beautifully dark color wood for handling was difficult. A very precise wood crafting work was required for a smooth transformation and seamless joints.
Production Technology
Yosegi Stool comprises 12 conjoined diamond-shaped columns, handcrafted from beautiful Japanese Hinoki Cypress and Jindai Cedar, which provides a lightweight, sturdy and elegant design.
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