Click Light (Interactive Lighting) by Yotam Shifroni
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
In this product we have been inspired by the mechanism of the light switch. After the re-interpretation of this simple interaction, making it more meaningful, new behaviors have arisen. Usually, the designer enjoys the fun from creating a piece and from testing different variations. With the new Click Light switch mechanism, the creative process shifts to the user, and people who see it for the first time immediately want to take part.
The Click Light brings into the interior lighting design a unique element of personalization and interaction. You can connect a number of Click Light units and let the lighting ropes stretch, flow, drop, tie and twist between the metal surfaces in endless organic shapes and combinations, making each interior space unique and dynamic.
Design Challenges
After Click Light was launched in the recent Wanted Design exhibition we understood that we have to find a creative industrial lighting company for mass production of the Click Light collection. Aqua Creations fits our vision of a creative industrial lighting company with a binding principle that goes beyond functionality. The result has been an outstanding cooperation. Aqua’s professional team has helped to fine-tune the product which is now precise with attention to all details.
Production Technology
Oak wood, black coated metal, brass, nylon rope, LED strip (color temperature 3000K), neodymium magnets.
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