Errant and Cheval (Adaptable Luggage) by Guillermo Fok De Jesus
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Winner
inspired by the slow movement, this luggage set focuses on adding functionality for travelers by providing easy access and size adaptability based on travel length
Using traditional sewing and patterning methods, this luggage set offers new functionality for slow travelers. The backpack is able to adapt to its contents, not being able to exceed the maximum carry on dimensions set by the airline industry. The handbag, following the same principles, rolls to expand or contract depending on the contents packed. Material and form are strongly inspired by the history of leisure travel and the impact of industrial revolution in mass transportation.
Design Challenges
Finding a luggage solution for slow travelers in order to make the packing process more efficient and adaptable to the user. The goal was to create a simple solution using basic materials and enclosures, following the inspiration of luggage used after the industrial revolution opened leisure travel to a broader audience. The challenge was keeping it as simple as possible while providing a luggage solution that had never been done before.
Production Technology
This luggage set is constructed using a combination of materials for durability and aesthetic appeal. the outer layer is a combination of marine vinyl (leatherette finish) and industrial acrylic felt. Interiors are duck canvas for durability and rigidity. All hardware is brass.
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