The Landmark (Luxury Mansion) by YuHong Sheng
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Like a wheat ear growing next to the Zhujiang Park, it breaks the dullness of the residential "square box" and enriches the skyline of Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town.Based on the rare city resources, the starting point of the design is to build a different mansion with symbolic significance in Guangzhou.Secondly, the overall building that consists of three towers in the design not only makes the building beautiful and clever, but also reflects in the method of plane household.
The Landmark, with a total of 99 units, is the tallest residential building in Guangzhou. It is composed of three individual towers with an overall height of 198 meters. The Landmark is echoing with the Guangzhou West Tower, TV tower and other landmarks. With its own unique personality and advanced design means, The Landmark also breaks the conventional residential building of square box within Zhujiang New Town, which not only brings a new vitality, but also shapes a new landmark in Guangzhou.
Design Challenges
The ironic issue between curving shape and residential functions. This project is residential, the living circle and space comfort are the crucial part. it is important to balance the structure issue and plan layout. In this project, architects and engineers are working closely to discuss structure type, and improve the design.
Production Technology
The Landmark is the last residential project along the city central axis in Zhujiang new town. it has several landscape viewport sources including central city area, Zhujiang park, Zhujiang north park. Moreover, in its 198 meters structure, The Landmark has 99 luxurious units with different layout. architecture itself represents as a elegant shape structure, standing out in front of those normal rectangular building and embracing the city skyline.
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