Herbet (Portable Gas Stove) by Idan Herbet
2018 - 2019, Silver A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
I approached this project with curiosity after examining the traits of simple wall plugs,which expand as they contract.I studied this trait through steel pipes,which I cut and reinforced in specific places in order to obtain expansion of parts through contraction of others.This method allowed me to control the geometry and explore hundreds of different shapes until settling on a practical product for this mechanism.I chose to design a compact stove,with unique form and strong outdoor durability.
The innovation of the stove is in its use of technology, which dictates the design and gives it a stable, strong and reliable appearance. The stove is made of laser cut steel components, each designed for a specific purpose. A three legged grip assures stability for outdoor use and the jagged edged arms of the mount increase friction to prevent tumbling of the cooking utensils. The open and close mechanism is unique in its use of a simple hinges system, and a secure lock when the gas tube is screwed in to prevent it from collapsing during usage.
Design Challenges
Translating the simple actions of expansion and contraction of a pipe to meet the needs of a portable gas stove. I understood that I would need to use axles, therefore replacing the round geometry with a hexagonal one. maintaining the stoves structure and in both modes open and closed for proper use. The structural design required adjustment of the axles to achieve a symmetrical, to assure stability. safe lock which required simple logic and heat resistant materials, suitable for outdoor use.
Production Technology
The stove is built mainly from laser cutting on stainless steel and bending. The head ,the main pipe and the bottom are made of brass. its shape is made by CNC machining. The components are connected to each other using stainless steel hex key screws. The hinges are made of heat treated stainless steel rivets. The gas tube insert screw is made of brass. the gas tube is made of rubber, coated by a mesh of stainless steel strips.
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