Zhimu Changzhou (Spa) by Chuanjin Sun
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The elements of stone,woods,sky and green plants which remain the original colors and grains are used to create a Shangrila in the designer's mind.
Zhimu Spa in Changzhou is intepreted in a modern and natual way by the designer. The vivid green pine bonsai is illuminated by the lights from the bottom leaving impressive shadows on the top. The designer breaks the boundery between corridor and the limited space to make good use of the functional areas and make each step a scene.The shimmering lights along the circulation and the large use of white with beams create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere for people to retreat from the hustle of the city and find ego here.
Design Challenges
The main tone of the space is with low saturation which is down to earth.But the designer wants to make the space more vivid as well.So the lights and green plants are well used to bring vitality.
Production Technology
Main materials applied in this project are stones,woods and other elements from the nature.The designer focuses on the customers' feeling when they immerse themselves in this atmosphere to get the attention from them for further consumption motivated by emotions.
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