One Casa (Exhibition Hall) by Lei Fang
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Under the design concept of people first and dynamic experience, One Casa Exhibition Hall aims at exploring a new aesthetic sign and creating a paradise full of surprises and enlightenment.
The concept of abstractness endows the lines with various meanings. Just like the footprints left by everyone in his or her life, different meanings are distributed among them, leading to unlimited possibilities. In the One Casa Exhibition Hall of OneHouse Design, there is also an unlimited line, of which every direction leads to numerous ways for opening space.
Design Challenges
The customized showing shelves on both ends of living room match with the architectural window. The carpet with wonderful colors and patterns reduce monotony, and at the same time, a visual relationship is generated between the showing stand close to wall surface and the stand & ceiling lamp, and a sense of extension of living room is shaped through the accurate mastering of product position and proportional relation.
Production Technology
In the One Casa Exhibition Hall, the exploratory design expression is applied, and all functional spaces are distributed there in a flowing way, shaping a rich situation as well as an organic, interactive and complete experience of living at home.
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