Ideas Lab (Shared Office) by Xiang Li
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
With the advent and popularity of computers in the 21st century, the invisible Information Age deduced and changed the humanity and commercial mode of this physical world. Powerlong Ideas Lab hopes to be a lab where more information for learning are created and spread. And hoping to complete the joint research and development of information technology by consumers and information technology creators, it explores the hidden business value of this era through a multifunctional space.
For the shape of the whole space, though we take factories of the Age of Steam as prototype, we kept only the most basic functional parts. We demolished the floor slabs in the original two storied space, and turn it into a space of 8 or 9 meters' high. We restored the ground space with a minimalist approach, and designed devices which offers new retail experience in the "reaction tanks". Consumers could have different new consumption experience brought by different devices in different tanks.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge is the thinking about our customer group(including mall operator). Such thinking helps us get to know about real needs of our customer group, so we could create a space they loved which satisfies all their needs. Another challenge is to take into consideration of mall operator's needs. The design occupies the atrium of the mall, it will be presented to other consumers directly, thus we need to take care of the sensory experience of other non-target consumer groups as well
Production Technology
a, we reconstructed the floor slab in the 4m-5m high space; they are interweaved with the "reaction tanks" we restored and acted as shared work and transportation platform for R&D staffs on the second floor. b, Clean and cool concrete is applied to depicts the concise and efficient character of this space.
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